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Functions of the Administrative Services Department include Administration/Grants, Budgeting, Customer Service, Finance, and Information Technology. 


The Administrative Services Department ensures that the City is fiscally responsible in the management and safeguarding of the City’s assets by maintaining reasonable internal controls, policies and systems that ensure legal compliance and fiscal stability as well as provides consistent support to our business partners through the use of technology innovations. Administrative Services provides customer service to citizens and vendors along with providing support for the operations of City departments. Administrative Services provides advice to the City’s elected officials and senior management on items affecting the current and future financial affairs of the City and continues their commitment to obtain cost effective technologies that will increase efficiencies for the City.


Administrative responsibilities include City Hall switchboard services, mail services and general clerical support including design and production of the annual budget document, annual CAFR, customer brochures and forms, the City’s Fees/Charges Operating Policies and Procedures document, and the department’s records retention processes and general management functions.

The Grants Division is responsible for the management of all grants applied for and/or awarded Citywide and oversees the Housing Grants Division.


The Budget Division provides revenues analysis and forecasting, expenditure analysis and the planning, compilation and implementation of the biennial budget and the Ten-Year Community Investment Program (CIP) for the City. 


Customer Service provides billing and payment service to all water, trash, and sewer customers as well as the processing of business licenses and all payments received Citywide. Other responsibilities include billing and collection of amounts due to the City for sewer connection accounts and delinquency notices to customers.


The Finance Division provides accounting and financial support to Council, City management, and departments. The services provided include payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, financial analysis, capital asset tracking, grants accounting, cash and investment management, debt service management, billing for services including collections, annual audit coordination, and training on administration of the Citywide financial software system. Other responsibilities include tax reporting and collections, review and audit of taxpayers for compliance with the Model City Tax Codes, and responding to taxpayer questions. The division is responsible for preparing monthly financial reports, including the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).


The Information Technology (IT) Division is responsible for the operation of software and hardware systems for all City departments and for enforcing IT security and disaster recovery policies. IT provides front line technical support, including troubleshooting and repair of devices and systems as well as providing network services, system backup/restore, telephone infrastructure and ensures compliance with all security requirements and standards by monitoring network and application security.

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