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In 2013 and 2014 Lake Havasu City performed many updates to program documents and performed activities relative to the “Minimum Six Control Measures” as outlined in the Lake Havasu City Stormwater Management Program.

Ordinance creation and adoption, drafting of Development & Permitting Policies and Procedures to be used by the development community and city staff, updating of website brochures, and inclusion of technical criteria to be used in plan development and design highlight important aspects of the program.

Stormwater Outfall Inspections are currently being performed and in conjunction a Illicit Discharge and Detection Program is underway. The City also performed evaluations of its activities at City owned properties to determine potential for pollution and started identifying Best Management Practices appropriate for the sites to mitigate potential for pollutants to leave the site and enter the wash system.

Going forward the City is committed to meeting the requirements of the ADEQ General Permit, the updated Stormwater Management Program and associated EPA/ ADEQ guidelines

9-19-18 Airport Advisory Board Meeting