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American Red Cross Adult CPR/AED and Wilderness Remote First Aid Class

February 08, 2017

Class participants will learn how to identify emergencies in a wilderness environment, including how to assess and manage injuries where EMS response is not readily available.  This course emphasizes using available materials to splint, bandage and transport with a focus on stabilizing injured parties until EMS can arrive.  Cost is $135.00 per participant and class supplies are included.  Each session is a total of 20 hours with instruction given over a four day period.  Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be certified in Adult CPR/AED and Wilderness and Remote First Aid. 

Class will be offered March 2 – March 5, at the Aquatic & Community Center. Please contact the Aquatic & Community Center at 453-8686 for class times. Registration can be completed at the Aquatic Center or by visiting our website at