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The City of Lake Havasu and the Lake Havasu City Police Department’s Animal Control Unit will be providing the best possible service to the citizens. In fact, the Police Department’s Animal Control Unit was created as a result of this dedication.

Staffed with two full-time Animal Control Officers, the Unit responds to calls of animals disturbing, loose animals, animal cruelty cases, injured animals, and a host of other situations involving domesticated animals. The Police Department’s Animal Control Officers are civilian employees authorized to investigate and enforce the Lake Havasu City Codes pertaining to animals.

Our Animal Control Personnel are dedicated to providing humane treatment for all animals in their care, and each officer receives specialized training by the National Animal Control Association in animal safety, handling, first aid, apprehension techniques, and capture equipment. Based on our documented patterns of service calls, the unit is assigned to work shifts seven days a week, and their hours range from 7am to 10pm most days. To contact Animal Control call (928) 855-4111

What can the city do about a barking dog?

There are a few alternatives to address this problem. To report a barking dog, call the communications center at (928) 855-4111. Any of the Department’s Animal Control Officers who personally observe excessive barking can issue a citation to the owner. If our investigation of a barking dog does not result in such an observation, we will continue to respond to subsequent complaints in an attempt to observe the violation. The Animal Control Officers are encouraged to work with the pet owners in solving neighborhood issues.

Why is Pet Licensing required?

It is the goal of the City Council to prevent unwanted animal diseases that could create a serious impact to the citizens. The reward for a strict Animal Licensing Ordinance is the fact it increases the chances of reuniting a lost pet with the owner.